Private Label

We can customize production to your specific business needs and we are committed to ensuring the highest possible standards. We work with our customers to develop a unique private label program by carefully considering the individual needs of each of our business partners.

Own Brands

We create our own high-quality brands, and offer retail markets a unique opportunity to get exclusive brands in store. We work with Danish and European food-producers with access to the best raw materials and who cares about taste, look and feel.


With nordic virtues, Jutlandic genes and an adventurous nature, we cultivate new concepts, products, new suppliers and collaborators, always with the goal of setting new standards in the food industry – and to strengthen it. With backgrounds in the foodindustry as both a Michelin chef and a Retail expert,
we strive to produce some of the best and most enjoyable dining experiences for the ordinary consumer.


Eco Certified

Sustainable Strategy

We want to make extraordinary food-experiences  in close co-operation with our customers and our production-partners. We work with an industrial mindset where we combine the creative mind of a high skilled Michelin chef with a professional industrial production. This combination gives us the opportunity to create tasteful high quality products for prices that are not normally seen.

 We are eco-certified and use organic when it makes sense. We work with Danish and European food-producers who have access to the best raw materials nearby the production-facilities and who cares about taste, look and feel. In close co-operation with them, we try to do it better everyday, step by step by doing things smarter in relation to thinking sustainability at all stages of the value chain and doing things smarter to reduce the footprint of the surrounding environment.