Frk. Lybæk loves sweet things. Her mission is to make it playfully easy to create delicious experiences in minutes. So you can be the superhero in your own kitchen.

We produce all our goods in Denmark with respect for the ingredients.
All the products are designed so that you, as the “chef”, have room to be creative if you feel like it.

Quaint is cold brew tea with notes of some of the best nature has to offer.
It is a mild yet rich flavoured organic low-calorie drink without alcohol, added sugar or preservatives.

Quaint is created to enjoy with food, as an alternative to wine or simply to spoil yourself.

The essence of Mexico – Sour, hot, fresh, crispy and full of flavor. Mexican street food has lots of nuances, and is based on proud food traditions that have evolved over many centuries
Loco Taco is the essence of Mexico, as the locals know it, from ingredients to taste, added to selected Danish ingredients. Be inspired and try new flavor combinations that give both the family dinner and the weekend with friends a twist of authentic Mexico.